Celebrating Father's Day

Grand Tea & Imports x Umamicart Collab

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Grand Tea & Imports x Umamicart

In celebration of Father's Day, Umamicart with Grand Tea & Imports is offering an exclusive Phoenix Oolong Tea, sourced directly from small farms in China specially for Umamicart.

Found in the Phoenix Mountain of Chaozhou (潮州), Guangdong, or the birthplace of Kungfu Tea, the Phoenix Single Bush Oolong Tea is also called “the perfume of teas” due to its many aromatic variations. Single bush (單欉, “dancong”) teas refers to tea leaves that are sourced from a single tea tree which allows for a pure flavor in each batch.

Our Phoenix Single Bush tea boasts a copper hue elixir that releases sweet orchid aromas and fruity flavors of lychee and cherry. When brewed, the twisted, dark leaves of the Dancong transform into vibrant swatches of olive green, yellow, and red - evoking the image of a Phoenix shedding its ashes to reveal its colorful plumes.

About Grand Tea & Imports

Grand Tea & Imports (好茶水 佛運玄) is a local NYC Chinatown tea shop established in 2006 by Mr. Liu. The idea to open a tea shop came from Mr. Liu's first return trip to China after 15 years, when he reconnected with family and old friends over many cups of tea. This trip inspired him to open a tea store that would allow Chinatown residents and visitors to relish in the flavor of his hometown and connect in appreciation of Chinese traditions, culture, and fine teas. Mr. Liu’s passion for importing small-batch teas and organizing tea culture events quickly earned him the reputation of “Teafucius” or “茶夫子”.

Today, Grand Tea & Imports is a multi-generational business run by Mr. and Mrs. Liu and their two daughers, Alice and Karen, and has become a a retail and cultural anchor in the Chinatown community.

For more information, check out the store's webpage and Instagram.

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