Hiyashi Chuka (Cold Ramen) by Sun Noodle

Sun Noodle was started by Hidehito Uki, who immigrated to Hawaii from Tochigi, Japan in 1981 with just one suitcase, a single noodle machine, and a passion for sharing high quality Japanese noodles. Hidehito later met his wife, Keiko, who owned her own Japanese delicatessen down the street from his ramen factory, and this husband-wife team worked together to grow Sun Noodle's selection and reach. Today, Sun Noodle makes a variety of fresh ramen noodles used by chefs, restaurants, and homecooks all over the country.

"Hiyashi Chuka" in Japanese literally translates to "chilled Chinese,” referring this ramen style of ramen made from chilled Chinese style noodles in a light broth with various toppings. Try this bright and flavorful dish to enjoy ramen on a hot summer day!

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