Umamicart is in Chicago!

Umamicart is in Chicago!

Hello, Chicago!

We're super excited to bring Umamicart to Chicago! Starting this summer, we're shipping your favorite snacks and pantry items to you!

Umamicart is an online grocery store delivering hundreds of your favorite Asian products and ingredients. Our carefully curated selection includes both traditional staples, as well as up-and-coming Asian-American owned brands.

Our mission is to deliver an online grocery shopping experience that highlights and celebrates the endlessly diverse, unique, and ever-evolving Asian American culture and cuisine!


From Our Co-Founder, Wendy

Fun fact: Chicago is my second home!

I'm so excited and proud that we are now able to serve the Chicago area. Not only is my extended family all in the Chicago area, but Chicago holds so many memories for me - it's where I got my MBA, got engaged and married, and got my pup, Rafa! 

Chicago is also home to some incredible Asian American brands like Yishi and Fat Miilk. I met Lin, founder of Yishi, during the first month of business school and continue to be so impressed at how her brand has grown. During one of my frequent trips to 88 Marketplace, I discovered Fat Miilk and instantly fell in love. One of the best parts of my role at Umamicart is being able to meet so many founders, and I always welcome connections to more from the Midwest!


Chicago - I hope you're ready to have us fill your kitchens and bellies!

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