46 Mott Bakery Red Bean Paste Zong Zi (2 count)

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Zongzi are sticky rice dumplings that are wrapped using bamboo leaves and steamed. While associated with the Dragon Boat Festival, zongzi can be enjoyed anytime of the year. These sweet Jian Shui zongzi with their distinctly amber hue are filled with sweet red bean paste and often served with a sweet rice syrup drizzle to eat as dessert. To reheat, just microwave for 3 minutes or place in boiling water until just heated through. Leave the wrappers on when you are reheating, and they will peel right off. 

    Dragon Boat Festival is a 2000-year-old holiday in China, better known in Chinese as Duan Wu Jie. This holiday commemorates the ancient Chinese poet Qu Yuan, who was banished for opposing the king and later drowned himself when his former capital city was captured. When other villagers found out, they threw rice wrapped in bamboo leaves - the inspiration behind zongzi - into the water to keep Qu Yuan's body safe from fish.

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