Brooklyn Delhi Tomato Achaar (Spicy Indian Condiment)

$12.00  |  9 oz
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Brooklyn Delhi's Tomato Achaar adds an addictive umami kick to the foods you love. Think of it as India's equivalent to Sriracha, harissa or gochujang. Made with tomatoes, garlic, ground Indian chiles and spices, tamarind, sesame oil and a touch of unrefined cane sugar.

It's a delightful balance of spicy, savory and tangy flavors that makes everything taste delicious. Traditionally it's eaten with rice, curry, dal and yogurt, but you can top it on most anything - eggs, sandwiches, grilled meats, noodles or even cook with it by adding it to lentils, soups, salad dressings. Mix it into mayo for dipping fries in or into guacamole to go with chips.