Chocolate Lovers Gift Box

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Spread the love with this curated gift box that includes a selection of our top selling chocolates. Filled with decadent chocolate treats from beloved chocolatiers like Fossa Chocolate and Deux Cranes as well as the classic Pocky chocolate treat.

The following items are hand-packed neatly into a quality rose gold gift box:

  • Deux Cranes Miso Almond
  • Deux Cranes Matcha
  • Deux Cranes Passionfruit Chocolate
  • Fossa Lychee Rose
  • Fossa Orange Pineapple
  • Fossa 78% Dark Chocolate, Philippines
  • Crunchy Strawberry Pocky
  • Almond Crush Pocky
  • Matcha Pocky

This gift box is the one on the left in the photo.  

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