Coffee Project NY Congo Mapendo Women Producers

$18.40 ($23.00)  |  10 oz


Coffee Project NY's Congo Mapendo - Women Producers Coffee is a washed SL34 variety with a mixed fermentation process; its tasting notes are clementine, berry, honey, and plum. High-altitude SL34 coffees from Central Africa, such as this, are exceptional in their juicy profile.

Nearly 40% of the farmers who grew this coffee are women making their own living - trust us, that’s a lot of women farmers. Mapendo, the Swahili word for “love,” is an uplifting call for equality by way of empathy, understanding, growth, and economic opportunity.

Coffee Project New York was founded in 2015 by Chi Sum Ngai and Kaleena Teoh to share their passion for coffee while carefully selecting coffee for quality and social impact. Coffee Project New York opened the state's only Specialty Coffee Association Premier Training Campus and was named Time Out NY's most loved coffee shop in New York.