Fat Miilk Red Roast Brewing Kit, Whole Bean

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The perfect way to savor Vietnamese coffee! This starter pack comes with everything you need to brew a strong and full-bodied cup of coffee. This kit includes:

  • 12 oz Fat Miilk Red Roast (Whole Bean)
  • 1 matching Fat Miilk Red Phin Coffee Filter
  • 1 can of Longevity Condensed Milk

    Fat Miilk's Red Roast Coffee (Fine Grind) has a dark profile, with undertones of dark milk chocolate and roasted cashews. This coffee comes in whole bean for you to grind at home as you wish.

    Use this blend with the matching phin filter to brew a cup of extra-strong coffee using the traditional slow-drip. Add a touch of sweetened condensed milk to finish!

    Already have your favorite brewing method at home? You can also purchase Fat Miilk Red Roast coffee beans only - ground or whole bean. Don't forget the condensed milk!

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