Hello Kitty Training Chopsticks w/ Silicon Holder

$7.00  |  1 piece


These adorable Hello Kitty Training Chopsticks are perfect for little ones (ages 3-6 years)! The removable silicone holder helps keep the chopsticks in place for easy use so that it's like holding tongs. Once your child is more confident and advanced, the silicon holder can be removed.
Perfect for any kid who loves Hello Kitty and wants to improve their chopstick skills.

The chopsticks are printed with indicators in Japanese for which stick should be above (うえ)、, below (した), and where each finger should be placed: thumb (おやゆび), ring finger (くすりゆび), middle finger (なかゆび), and pointer finger (ひとさしゆび)。

Not dishwasher safe.