Kitsby Baking Mixes 4-Pack Sampler

$59.99 ($75.96)  |  4 x 16 oz


Try their two most popular baking mixes with this collection that includes:

  • Kitsby Matcha Chocolate Chip Brownie Mix
  • Kitsby Salty Bae Cookie Mix
  • Kitsby Strawberry Patch Cookie Mix
  • Kitsby Red Berry Kiss Cookie Mix

Matcha Chocolate Chip Brownies are soft and chewy matcha green tea brownies that come with semisweet chocolate chips for just the right amount of bittersweet. 

The Salty Bae Cookies are chewy cookies that come with a special maple bacon pecan praline. Perfectly salty and sweet!

Strawberry Patch Cookies taste like summer, with their chunks of bright strawberries and sweet white chocolate chips. 

Red Berry Kiss Cookies combines fruit with chocolate with a medley of red berries (strawberry, raspberries, and cranberries), dark chocolate, and oats.