Pixian Preserved Black Beans (Douchi)

$9.95  |  10 oz
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Preserved Black Beans (douchi) have been a part of Chinese cuisine for over 2,000 years. It is made of black beans preserved in water with salt, wheat, liquor, and spices. This brand of douchi is one of the most premium available outside of China and comes from the oldest factory in Pixian, where they have been fermenting their beans for over 100 years. Great for hot pot, mapto tofu, and pork dishes to add an additional zing to your food!

The Mala Market sources and imports premium and hard-to-find Sichuan ingredients, many of which have never been available in the US. The Mala Market is a mother-daughter business founded by Taylor Holliday and Fongchong Havighurst, Taylor's adopted daughter from China. Their shared obsession with mala helped them bond as mother and daughter while also keeping them connected to China.

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