Momofuku Noodle Variety Pack

$48.00  |  3 x 16.75 oz


Try every flavor of Momofuku Dried Noodles with this variety pack. It's loaded with all three of Momofuku's dried noodles — Soy & Scallion, Spicy Soy, and Tingly Chili — so you get the full range of flavor.

Noodle Variety Pack contains 5 serving packs of each flavor (15 total servings):

Soy & Scallion Noodles – a base of soy sauce and sesame oil creates the perfect balance of salty, sweet, and savory flavors.

Spicy Soy Noodles – a punchy blend of soy sauce, chili, and sesame oil makes a perfect combination of savory and spicy flavors.

Tingly Chili Wavy Noodles – an aromatic blend of chili paste, Sichuan spices and sesame oil builds to a mix of savory, spicy, and tingly flavors.