Moon Man Ube Kaya Jam

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$12.00  |  8 oz
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Kaya jam is a type of sweet spread made from a base of coconut milk, eggs and sugar. It is popular throughout Southeast Asia. You can use it to make kaya toast, use it as a dessert toppings, mix it with ice cream, or enjoy it with your favorite bread. Creamy, smooth, and full of the earthy fragrant aroma of ube (purple yam). Made with 100% all-natural ingredients, this jar of ube jam is perfect for buttery toasts, extra topping for cakes, and accompaniment for various desserts.

Moon Man Kaya Jams do not use any preservative or binders, so some separation may occur. Simply give the jar a shake to mix it back up!

Since opening in 2017, Moon Man has been a fixture of NYC’s food market scene, combining nostalgia and culinary innovation through their modern take on Southeast Asian street food.