Numa Mini Peanut Butter Black Sesame Bars

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$4.79  |  3.7 oz

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Black Sesame flavor. Handcrafted the traditional way, Numa is made from premium, all-natural ingredients. Numa Mini Peanut Butter Bars are inspired by the popular Asian crispy peanut candies - a creamy peanut butter core surrounded by a paper thin layer of crispy candy. It is both delicious and nutritious, as it has more than 10 essential vitamins. Composed mostly of nuts, they are 40% less sugar and 200% more protein than the standard candy bar.

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Peanuts, Black Sesame Seeds, Tree Nuts
Peanuts, Black Sesame Seeds, Sugar, Maltose (Rice, Water), Vitamin E (For Freshness), Vanilla Extract, Salt.
Founder Joyce created Numa in her mom’s kitchen when she tried to make a clean version of her favorite childhood candy to satisfy her sweet tooth in a healthier way for her autoimmune disorder. These creamy candies inspired from traditional Chinese confectionary celebrated a joy in sweets and a beauty in Asian heritage.
Numa Mini Peanut Butter Black Sesame Bars

Numa Mini Peanut Butter Black Sesame Bars

$4.79  |  3.7 oz