Oxtail (1.5 lb)

$15.99  |  1.5 lb


Oxtail is a gelatin-rich meat is filled with good-for-you collagen. Oxtails are most often found in soups or stews, as the long, slow braising process helps achieve a tender texture with maximum flavor. Oxtail tastes like beef, and has a deeply rich flavor when cooked. You can find oxtail in stews like a "gomtang" of Korean cuisine.

How it ships:

Oxtail (1.5 lb) is vacuum-sealed for freshness. We safely package all our meats with eco-friendly insulation designed to keep your meat within the optimal temperature range for well over the time that it stays in transit.

We suggest that you refrigerate or freeze your meat as soon as it arrives, but no stress if you are not around; your box will stay cold until around midnight on the day it arrives.