Auria's Pandan Kaya

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Kaya is a rich, creamy coconut spread for toast, and this decadent, silky smooth coconut jam is a staple in Malaysian kopitiam (coffee shop) breakfasts. Made with premium coconut milk, eggs, and sugar this Kaya is flavored with Pandan, a grass that grows in the tropics. Often described as floral and herby, the Pandan imparts a beguiling flavor as well as the natural green color of the product. Auria's Pandan Kaya is slow-cooked for hours following a traditional method and yields a smooth, scrumptious delight to add enticing flavor to all your favorite sweet treats.

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Coconut Milk, Eggs Made In A Facility That Processes Soy Wheat, Tree Nuts, Peanuts, Fish, Shellfish, Milk, Eggs
Coconut Milk, Eggs, Cane Sugar, Pandan Leaves, Kosher Salt
Auria's Malaysian Kitchen was founded by Auria, a now Brooklyn resident who was born and raised in a tiny town called Seremban in Malaysia. Auria grew up surrounded by the delicious cuisine of her homeland and learned how to cook in her mother's kitchen. When she came to the US in the early 90s to continue her music studies at Berklee College of Music, she began creating her own condiments and recipes to share with her friends. In 2013, Auria made the decision make authentic Malaysian food available to the American public and launched Auria's Malaysian Kitchen with one product - Hot Chilli Sambal. Today, Auria's Malaysian Kitchen has a variety of condiments and sauces to bring the distinct and wonderfully diverse flavors of Malaysia into the kitchen of every passionate home cook.
Auria's Pandan Kaya

Auria's Pandan Kaya

$9.99  |  8 oz