Sake Sensation Trio, 3 Pack

$100.99  |  3 Bottles

About this product

There’s plenty to get excited about with this tasty trio of the popular Japanese drink. Enjoy soft, silky, and vibrant sakes that will turn any event into a special occasion.

This set includes:
  • Yuki no Tenshi "Snow Angel" Nigori Sake, 720ml
  • Saika Yuzu Shu Flavored Sake, 720ml
  • Brooklyn Kura Nama "Blue Door" Junmai Sake, 750ml

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    More About This Bundle

    Yuki no Tenshi "Snow Angel" Nigori Sake, 720ml
    Sake Type: Nigori
    ABV: 12.5%
    Aroma: Semi-Dry, Fragrant, Light
    Tasting Notes: Floral, Cantaloupe, Grapes, Strawberries
    Serving Temperature: Cold

    Indulge in the enchanting Yuki no Tenshi "Snow Angel" Nigori Sake! This bottle offers a delicate, silky, unfiltered experience, balanced at 12.5% ABV with a touch of sweetness. Delight in the aroma of lily flowers and cantaloupes, accompanied by a smooth, creamy texture and flavors of Muscat grape and strawberries. It's a rich and delicious sake that pairs perfectly with big flavors like spicy foods, BBQ, curries, and even ice cream. Brewed by Oka Brewery, this fragrant and light Nigori sake is best served cold, creating an unforgettable sensory experience.

    Saika Yuzu Shu Flavored Sake, 720ml
    Sake Type: Flavored
    ABV: 8%
    Aroma: Semi-Sweet, Fragrant
    Tasting Notes: Yuzu, Citrus
    Serving Temperature: Room Temp, Body Temp, Warm

    Experience the tangy and fragrant delight of Saika Yuzu Shu Flavored Sake! Crafted by Kokonoe Saika, this bottle combines sake with the tart juice of Yuzu fruit, skin-on. The versatility of this sake allows you to enjoy it straight, on the rocks, with soda, or warmed. With its refreshing yuzu and citrus flavors and fragrant aroma, it pairs perfectly with meat, cheese, and oil-based dishes. Saika Yuzu Shu is your passport to a fun and exciting flavor adventure.

    Brooklyn Kura Nama "Blue Door" Junmai Sake, 750ml
    Sake Type: Junmai
    ABV: 17%
    Aroma: Dry, Rich
    Tasting Notes: Banana, Melon, Earthy
    Serving Temperature: Cold

    Welcome to the world of Brooklyn Kura's Nama "Blue Door" Junmai Sake! Named after the iconic blue door entrance to their taproom, this sake offers a stout, earthy, and dry profile with a lively, unpasteurized (nama) character. Indulge in its full-bodied richness, umami-laden flavors, and subtle hints of banana and ripe melon. Serve it chilled, savoring every sip, and pair it with deliciously robust dishes like grilled tuna steaks, smoky cheeses, or even steak frites. With an ABV of 17% and a mesmerizing aroma, Brooklyn Kura Nama "Blue Door" Junmai Sake is the key to unlocking a memorable culinary experience.

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Sake Sensation Trio, 3 Pack
Sake Sensation Trio, 3 Pack

Sake Sensation Trio, 3 Pack

$100.99  |  3 Bottles