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Cabi Oyakodon

Oyakodon is the classic Japanese comfort food! This rice bowl stars juicy chicken, egg, and sliced scallion, all simmered together using Cabi's Umami Dashi Soy Sauce for the most umami-rich sauce!

Made in partnership with Cabi, in celebration of Women's History Month! Founded by Eri Miyagi and Miki Nomura, Cabi was created to bring Japanese home cooking to your home with unique and easy-to-use sauces. Developed for all levels of cooking (or no cooking skills at all).
15 Minutes
7 Ingredients
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Cabi Oyakodon

Recipe for Cabi Oyakodon


For 2 servings

  • 4 chicken thighs (approx. 1½ lb)
  • 8 tbsp Cabi Umami Dashi Soy Sauce
  • 4 tbsp water
  • 2 eggs, beaten
  • ½ onion, thinly sliced
  • ½ c mitsuba or scallions, chopped
  • 2 c cooked rice

Step by step

step 1

Prepare the ingredients: Cut chicken thighs into 1½-2” cubes and thinly slice onions.

step 2

Add chicken thighs, sliced onions, Umami Dashi Soy Sauce and water directly to a cold pan. Turn on heat to medium and bring mixture to boil. Cover and cook for 5 minutes.

step 3

Drizzle the beaten eggs and mitsuba / scallions evenly over chicken and onions. Cook with cover on medium-low heat until egg is cooked to desired consistency. Oyakodon in Japan is often served with runny eggs.

step 4

Place the cooked chicken and egg onto a bowl of rice, and garnish with additional mitsuba / scallions. Enjoy!