Five Seasons Smooth Digestion Herbal Tonic Bag

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Five Seasons TCM Smooth Digestion Herbal Tonic Bag can help fortify spleen function and remove liver Qi stagnation (both are key organs in TCM digestion), harmonize the stomach, and disperses food accumulation, bringing you back to a state of solid and graceful digestion. Each box comes with 10 tonic bags.

Cooking Instructions

  • Tea: Steep 1 bag with 1.5-2 cups of hot water for 5 minutes. Drink warm.
  • Porridge: Stew 1 bag with 2 cups of liquid, ⅓ cup of grain, fresh produce of choice.
  • Soup: Cook 2-3 bags with 8 cups of stock, protein with bones and/or vegetables of choice, and preferred seasoning.

Ingredients include: jasmine flower, toasted barley, aged tangerine peel, Chinese licorice, and hawthorn berry.

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