Mamey Sapote (2.3-2.8 lb)

$12.99  |  ~2.3-2.8 lb


Mamey Sapote is a incredible fruit native to the Caribbean and tropical parts of the Americas. It a very rich and creamy texture and tastes a lot like a baked sweet potato. When cut into halves, the fruit looks like an avocado but has reddish-orange flesh, and you can cut it safely using similar methods. The flavor is described as a mix of pumpkin, peach, and hints of apricots. Mamey Sapote is high in nutrients and has been linked to a number of potential health benefits. Enjoy this one-of-a-kind fruit on its own or make into milkshakes and ice cream.

Make sure to only eat ripe Mamey fruit, since the unripe ones are very bitter and astringent.

You will receive 2 with each order.